Hello to Darwin Maker Community

Darwin Web Standards started back in April 2011 with monthly catchups at the pub. It’s been a busy few years, we’ve held 53 meetups and have built up some 154 members on meetup. 2019 saw some changes as we joined forces with the Darwin Hackerspace and saw presentations in a range of topics beyond the original web focus. So to bring in the new decade, we have redefined ourselves as the Darwin Maker Community and will continue to welcome talks to web design, development and infrastructure along with more talks on 3D printing, electronics, microcontrollers, drones, etc… If you’re making something cool, we’d love to hear about it.

With the new name we’ve also moved to a new home. We will continue to share out meetings in meetup for the next few months but will focus our communications on this site and our Slack channel. We hope this site will provide a repository to share a summary and slides of the talks and presentations to preserve them for future reference. Because we are all about getting hands-on and making stuff, anyone is welcome to contribute to the blog. This page is built in Jekyll on Github Pages, and we welcome pull requests for any corrections or contributions. We’ll be happy to provide any help or advice on the Slack channel.

We will keep the existing Darwin Web Standards slack channel and will close the Darwin Hackerspace channel to bring everyone together. If you’re not already on there, join us at https://slack.darwinwebstandards.org/. Shortly, we will look at renaming the slack channel to not only capture to the broader theme but also to connect with other communities in the NT.